CTV Products, LLC

A Registered and Licensed Pennsylvania Company

Welcome to CTV Products.

  • My name is Charles Gretz and I live in Coopersburg, PA (NW of Philadelphia)
  • I am the oldest descendent of C. William Gretz, of the William Gretz Brewing Co., Phila., Pa., a popular local beer in its day.
  • I have three grown, self-supporting sons (thank goodness!) and a patient, understanding wife of 50 years.
  • I am retired from Fuller Bulk Handling Corp., Bethlehem, PA from a career as an Engineer and various management positions.
  • My hobbies include Bluegrass music, model railroading, fishing and eBay.
  • I graduated from Va. Tech in 1962, B.S. Architectural Engineering. (Go Hokies!)
  • I served in the USAF as an Instructor Pilot, in the advanced phase of the Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Program, with 2,000 hours of pilot time in the Northrop T-38, a twin engine supersonic trainer.
  • I’ve been awarded three U.S. patents for two different products I dreamed up, one of which is a fold-down Car-Top Camper called “Travelpod” and was featured on the cover of Popular Mechanics magazine in February 1970. (It didn’t make me rich, but that was my 15 minutes of fame)
  • The other is a “TV Viewer”, a periscope-like gadget that I once designed for an injured friend, who could not comfortably sit up, so I made the first one of these so he could lie in bed and watch TV. Since then it has taken on a life of its own.